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Today is a good day to get started

  • Learning a new skill

  • Working towards a goal

  • Changing habits

  • Restarting or picking up where you left off on some things

...whatever it is, today is a good day to get started.

Over time I've learned, the longer you put something off (intentionally or not), the more frustrated you'll get. I sometimes take unplanned hiatuses from things I should be doing (i.e this blog 👀😅, working out, etc.), or I delay starting something I need to start. When that happens, I tend to get really frustrated with myself and I stay that way until I get back on track. I've also learned, delays don't eliminate the amount of work that needs to be done. You could actually be creating more work for yourself. And I get it, time flies, and things happen. But, there's something so refreshing and rewarding about finally taking steps toward getting back on track. So, here's your sign or your push to choose today to start [or restart] that thing you've been meaning to start. What's stopping you??

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