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Restarting is hard it anyway!

Sometimes we get discouraged or intimidated by the need to start over...

We get frustrated because we've allowed ourselves to quit. Or we get overwhelmed by the amount of work that appears to be ahead of us.

It could be anything from:

•Working out or eating right

•Reading, studying, or praying the way you should

•Learning or practicing a skill

•Pursuing a dream or venture

•Something else...

No matter what it is or why you stopped. It's not too late to start again. Even if you've failed "too many" times before, and trying again makes no sense to you or those around it anyway. Whether you're starting from scratch or picking up where you left off, don't be afraid to start again. This could be the time that everything works out! You'll never know if you don't try though.

Keep in mind, it may not be a one time thing either. Gather yourself. Refocus, readjust, and restart as often as you need to.

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