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Nope. Not today...

I have this plate on my dresser. It takes on different meanings depending on the day. Sometimes it could be "Nope. Not today...I'm going back to bed and not doing anything." Other days it could simply be "Nope. Not today...I'm not putting up with anyone's shenanigans" lol. More recently though, it's taken on a more inspiring, motivational meaning. It led me to start making some declarations for my day and life in general.

Nope. Not today...

  • I won't give up

  • I won't doubt myself or the plan God has for me

  • I won't operate or live in fear

  • I won't worry

  • I won't allow my frustration to get the best of me

  • I won't waste time or resources on things that don't matter, don't benefit me, or I simply don't enjoy

  • I won't allow anyone or anything to steal my joy

  • I won't settle for less

  • I won't allow my present to make me forget my promise (inspired by Pastor John F Hannah)

What I will do is...

  • I will push through and keep going

  • I will trust God and the plans that He has for me

  • I will trust that He wants what's best for me and wants me to live an abundant life

  • I will be confident in who I am, whose I am, and why I'm here

  • I will operate in faith

  • I will choose joy

  • I will be patient

  • I will give myself permission to feel and process whatever I need to

  • I will rest when necessary

  • I will ask and believe big

  • I will grant God the permission to give increase and prosper me (inspired by Pastor Joel Osteen)

  • I will be great!

Of course there's more that could be added to either list. This is just what comes to mind in the moment. A little something to get you started. What are you no longer willing to do or put up with? What will you actively choose instead?? Feel free to share!

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