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It won't always make sense: Terrell

Ok, so, if this isn't your first time checking out the blog, you know I regularly like to choose a bible story to highlight a "faith over logic" moment. But, whenever you guys allow me to, I love sharing your own personal stories! This week we are highlighting Terrell, a life coach and speaker with a great story! This is what he had to share:

"God told me to quit my job shortly after I got married! We were broke! But shortly after, I was blessed with a BETTER JOB!"

Wow!! Definitely a "Faith Over Logic" moment. On paper, I'm sure that decision made no sense at first. But his obedience worked out for him. Since making that decision, Terrell has gone on to do some really cool things! He's done a Ted Talk (check it out here), he's launched some cool communities, and now he and his wife are planting a church in the Charlotte area this fall!

If you want to learn more, next Friday, June 18th Lake Forest UCity is having a "vision night". Register here to attend.

Shoutout to Terrell for sharing his story! Let me know if you have you're own story you want to share!

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