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It won't always make sense: David

David didn't initially fit the assumed description of a king. His own father didn't even think to consider him at first. But, he became one of the greatest

Check out this excerpt from a devotional I read, written by David Ramos:

Seemingly overnight, the boy who went unnoticed now held the attention of the king. How could this happen?

God plays by His own set of rules. When He decides to promote someone, He doesn’t need to follow the logical order. He places people where He desires and nothing on Earth can stop Him.

So much of what we will see in David’s story doesn’t make sense because it isn’t supposed to. A God-driven life is supposed to be strange. It’s supposed to break rules and upend the normal order.

In the past you may have seen me say, "It won't always make doesn't have to". Now we can add, "because it isn't supposed to". 🤯 This reminds me of a quote (and previous blog post):

You can't argue God's way with human logic - Brandi Myers

Can't do it because it's not really meant to work that way. So, today's post should encourage you to believe that all is and will be well, even when it doesn't make sense. Just because it doesn’t make sense to us (or those around us), doesn’t mean it isn't what's supposed to be. Waiting for it to make sense could have you waiting forever...

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