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Don't limit God...Don't limit yourself

Don't limit God because you lack faith in yourself. Don't limit yourself by only placing your faith in your own abilities...

I think we sometimes view God and His capabilities through the tainted filter of our own capabilities and limitations. It's like, because we feel like we can't, we forget that God can (and will). Because we feel unqualified, we think "there's no way He wants me to do that" or "why would He create this opportunity for me?" We then allow those thoughts to keep us from trying certain things or even asking God to do things.

Our limitations provide opportunities for God to prove His greatness.

There's a reason the Bible tells us to trust God instead of depending on ourselves. He knows what's up. He knew who you were and what you could do when He called you. We can only get ourselves so far. But with God, nothing is impossible. No dream or idea is too big. As long as you're in His will, you'll have what you need to do what you need to do and get where you need to be. Get out of your own way. Think big, ask big, believe big! Trust God, let Him be great and go be great!!

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