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Don't get so caught up in planning that you get stuck there and never actually do anything...

🤚🏾 Guilty. I'm a planner. To-do lists are my thing. Helps me keep track of what's going on. Sometimes I'm working on multiple lists simultaneously. However, more times than I'd like to admit, I end up spending way more time thinking about what needs to be done and planning to do things instead of actually getting those things done.

Being organized and having a plan is great. Overthinking to the point that you become unproductive, not so much.

As I'm writing this, I wonder: Why do we get stuck in the planning stage? Are we just overwhelmed with all that needs to be done? Or are we avoiding the tasks because we just don't want to do them? Ooor, if we're working on a new idea or venture, are we procrastinating because we are afraid of moving forward??

If you're feeling overwhelmed with all that is required, break it down; don't try to focus on or do too many things at one time. Prioritze and work in sections; tackle each part little by little.

If it's stuff you just don't want to do you eventually have to just suck it up and get it done. Or delegate and have someone else do it for you if possible.

If you're procrastinating because you're afraid though, it may sound like a cliché but you have to choose "faith over fear". Trust God and push through. Remind yourself you can do all things through Christ (Philippians 4:13). Remeber where the idea came from or why you started the new venture in the first place. Seek God and ask for direction and clarity. If He gave you the idea, He'll provide the strategy and resources. Remember this from a previous blog: "God chose you. He equipped you. You will always have everything you need to do what He's called you to do." Don't allow your fear to paralyze you and keep you from what God has for you.

Either way, back to the point...don't get stuck! At some point, you have to shift out of the planning stage and just get to work!

I hope that made sense. 😊

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