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A Custom Made Audience

Heeey!!! Let's ignore how long it's been since my last post, k?! Lol

So, I had this post pop up in my memories on Facebook and I wanted to share. I thought I had already shared it with you guys but it looks like I didn't so, here goes!

I was watching a live stream a couple of years ago and I heard Chandler Moore say "God has an audience for your pen". Now, of course, he was talking to songwriters but I think it applies to anyone. Replace "your pen" with your art, craft, gift, skill, etc...whatever it is, if God gave it to you, He has created an audience for it.

You may think "no one wants to hear what I have to say". Or "what if what I have or what I do isn't good enough"? Or you may even say "sooo many other people are already doing it...the world doesn't need another ___".

They do though! There are people out there "waiting on your yes". There are people out there waiting for you to do what you do the way you do it!

If He gave it to you, if He told you to do it, if it's your assignment, stick with it...push will all work out the way it's supposed to.

Now, I'm not saying go trying to force something that isn't meant for you out of pride or pure stubbornness. But, if you're operating within God's will and purpose for your life it'll all work out. It may not make sense to you or the people around you at first, but it will! Step out on faith and go be great!

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